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Here is the truth, many questions that men do have, often they don’t ask. “What should I wear with this?”  “What haircut should I get?” “What should I keep or throw out of my closet?” “What to wear on certain occasion?” these are some examples.

My purpose of creating this Blog is to show some example of what men’s fashion is in and what is out, what to wear and what not to do. Also, I will show some suggestions on how to put your outfits together successfully. Lifestyles has change and so should your clothes. What your dad wears to his office, should not be on you period! The concept of business wear has become more like business casual, more men today work from home. What men wears from day to night has also changed.  The results of this has make men’s clothing more exciting than ever. We can see their personality comes through better than those old boring business men in bad looking suits.

I do believe that Men’s fashion is not about being loud, conformed,  or extreme and allover the map. The clothes make the man, it is not about wearing brand names from head to toe and you think you can considered yourself fashionable. It’s not about how expensive it is. IT IS ABOUT THE STYLES, QUALITY,FITS, SILHOUETTE, AND COMFORT of the clothes that should work with our body. Let’s just say, if you can’t walk in it, don’t wear it! and whoever keep say fashion or beauty is pain may applied for women, but we should never let them force that crazy ideas it in to menswear. I’m all about individuality but you can be a stylish gentleman without looking like a freak on the streets. I will let you see that the most subtle things you can changed on your outfit could make a big different on overall look.

Last but not least, what you think is cool to wear might not be suitable for you and it can never guarantee the success of overall outcome of the outfits. I hope my Blog, my expertise and all information I studied and gathered for you from other fellow cool fashionable Bloggers will help you understand and be your self awareness guide next time you walk in to your favorite clothing store. Remember! Whatever budget you have, you can and will be able to find certain looks or styles, adapt and try new things from what you see in my Blog. Hopefully, you can learn a thing or two  from these tips and help you improve your overall look while having fun trying it out.


Philip V

Fashion Stylist


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