download (1)Let’s be clear about this. I am all for “wearing whatever you want to” attitude! But that attitude should not take you to these following destinations. It is not the first time we, most of us guys are talking or hearing about it, not the first time fashion articles wrote about it. We also have told our friends not to do it. So, why the hell are these people still walking around in them like a nightmare that will not go away or like eczema that you can’t get rid off?  download (2)

These examples are not experiments still waiting to be proven wrong. It was wrong then and still wrong now. Let’s just say that even you are hot looking guys, you still are not gonna be able to get away with it.

Listen guys, just because your dad or some guys are such role models in your life but they do wear these following examples in pictures below. Just take his charisma, wisdom, morals and ethics with you, not his sense of fashion or styles. Believe me, your life will be just fine without it.

Here we go!  I’m gonna be on this first subject quite a bit! I can’t stand this non sense.


You’ve seen it! fat old men in exotic vacation places, other men mistaken this as a beachwear must have, suburban men wears this everywhere. If you didn’t know better and thought this was a trend or trying to blend in, don’t do it.

Do yourself a favor and yourself these question: Am I in Hawaii? Where am I? Is this my first choice fabric as my table cloths or curtains at home? When my grandma died, did I keep her table cloths or any upholstery that look like this?  IF your answer is NO, then why the heck would you put it on yourself and prancing around with it?6a00d8341c44f153ef014e88555674970d

It is called HAWAIIAN SHIRT for a reason, it’s for people who live or visiting in Hawaii!

Even Bruno Mars can not even rock himself out of it! and that was in Hawaii!

bruno-mars-maui-1 The reason why it is not a good looking shirt for any guys because it just not! It just plain not flattering for male body at all. It is so boxy with no body to it and large bunch of overweight guys think they can hide their bellies under this shirt. No! we can still see them and how large they are, we can not missed it because of those tacky prints. JUST STOP THIS NON SENSE ALREADY, JUST DON’T DO IT.

665_2267014_-_Aloha_Shirt_Red_550 Taylor Hawaiian 1 hawaii-hotties-11

I don’t care how much you love Hawaii. Today’s fashion offers bunch of clothes and styles that look good on bigger size men and more appropriate to wear outside Hawaii and this is not one of them. Beach wears for men are more stylish and comes in many options for all sizes, also, this is not one of them.  Don’t let any of these Hawaiian clothing companies or brands fool you and tell you that you will look hot wearing this everywhere outside Hawaii! It’s insane.

download (2)SANDALS AND SOCKSwhite-socks-and-sandals

sandalsdownload (3)

SocksNSandals No explanation needed on this one.

versace-x-hm-mens-collection-pink-suit-shirts-shoesdownload (2) Pink shoes too? I don’t think so!

fat-guytighttight-shirt-e1352942734907  download (2)

Neither of them should be wearing what they are wearing in this pic. Muscle guy! When you try to show it off wearing super tight shirt, it’s just gross.

dbags The Douche bag outfittoo-tight-shirt Love yourself too much? whatever that muscle tank or white beater gonna fit your self-centered body or not, please stop wearing them in public.

download (2)


Kurt Cobain died in the 90’s, so does this look. Please don’t bring them back. I don’t care if you miss your glorious day.

2013-fashion-trends-metallicsF4B7D0F73478F33241ECC544FC2_h498_w598_m2_q90_cdglfqoAp  NO NO & NO!!!!HELL NO! I just love it when designers trying to force ridiculous thing for us to wear that they won’t even be caught dead wearing one themselves. Pink metallic coat and purple metallic pants? Missing your slutty days @studio 54?

Leave all the glitters for the ladies please, even if you have a big white woman trapped inside your man’s body. Just leave those damn glitter alone!!!

8211E6D75F3FEFBA62C46C3D47D2CB_h498_w598_m2_q90_cRWgMPJMe download (2)




3D7EB951C87436F5B798FAB184C7_h498_w598_m2_q90_cntPnSxaFdownload (2)



Don’t try to be Peter pan.


I love Usher, but no men should wear red boots   or whatever this white or bleached out thing on the right picture is.

download (2)



C9D32C784368AED0C665A686FD3145_h498_w598_m2_q90_cwPzzWkcO download (1)


kanyewestentourage1 WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS PIC? Well, whoever your favorite celebs are. When they tried to revive something and  trends that would never fly. Don’t follow it please. Why would you want to walk around in a briefcase a size of a suitcase? I don’t care if it is from Goyard or Louis Vuitton. It’s a freaking dumb thing to do.We are not using type writers anymore. If this is trying to be cool, I don’t know where to begin, but let’s just not do this to ourselves.


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