It’s all business…

SuitSupply_AW13Still wearing same old boring, lifeless dull color and unflattering suits that don’t fit? You properly are not gonna cut it today’s work place. When was the last time you buy a new suits? Why are so many men still wearing your business suits from late 90’s and early 2000? Just because you think suits are classic, it does not mean the style and their silhouettes does not change. You try to get a job in this economy and you wonder why you don’t get a call back? What did you wear to your last interview? Good first impression is everything, not a safe impression. New breed of businessmen emerged and fashion has already respond. Today’s office lifestyles and work environments rapidly changed. The way and places people do their businesses changed. Business are more fast pace, at the same time places to do business has become more casual. Businessmen today are more seriously competitive, more cultured and have to be up to speed than ever. At the same time, businessmen could never be more stylish and have so much fun with fashion. From the cutting, fitting of and the way today’s men choose to put them together, all rules of Men’s business wear have all been broken, in a good way. Here are some great examples:

The New Classic, show your personality through colors either shirts, tie, handkerchief or scarfs while keeping everything classic. It’s all about mix and match, don’t do everything in one color tone.

1503932_714518208572220_716887968_n 408351_491983750825668_783121237_nchange 224502_495734737117236_1881749924_nmen-trends-suit

Gray is new black…Yes, they’re great! Every man should own it.

304399_484177948272915_784914990_n1441559_690867164270658_1478898482_n8cc0f05ff4a6a4379854287738b322d0 milan-fashion-week-grey-summer-suit-1 Street-Style-Suit-Jackets-5=7tumblr_mpjmso0KBa1qh9n5lo1_1280

Tan is a perfect summer suits.


The Plaid


COOL BUSINESS Mix & Match..Show your personality. Break all the rules, when you mix classic and give it a modern twist. By switching, mix matching and experimenting with new fabrics. Time for men to break some old boring and restrictive rules and be themselves. Weather putting on some cool sneakers, using khakis with jeans blazers or cardigan over plaid trouser for your hot business look. The key is to successfully balancing your look by stay true to what is classic business look. Use accessories, new silhouettes and some new fabrics to give the outfit fresh modern twist. Remember! You can not pull these looks of successfully if they don’t fit you properly.



Bolder & Brighter!!!  Inspired yourself and others at work!

1509292_714370325253675_1322050001_n546263_492727870751256_2065052721_nmen-street-style-chinosLLTS3Untitled-2-copy5 (1)men3

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