STREETS……The real runway for men


Clothes are never made for just runways in Milan, Paris, London or New York, they are made to be worn. Streets are the real life runways where there are no spotlights, no stylist, no make up crew, so on the streets any flaws and mistakes of the clothes and the way you styled them can give you positive or negative results. If you make a mistake putting an outfit together, then you are on your own!

Please don’t be discourage and not trying, because you gonna end up looking like a dead man walking, it shows that you just don’t care about yourself. At the same time, The streets do embrace fashion but never let it dictates on what we should wear or how we should wear it. Street influences will determine and sometimes inspired and demand from Fashion Designers where next fashion direction should be or the next season should have. So weather you like or care about fashion or not, you’re a big part of it.

So, how can you stand out in the crowds while walking through the streets? What separate you and the guy walking next to you? What can you do to make get people’s attention and get them wanting to know you? The answer is what you wear to present yourself and how well you wear them. Sound simple enough? Not really!

Here are some pics of stylish men who shine on the streets and know how to put it all together, not because they have money to buy brand names clothes, but because they do care about themselves, they make an effort to try new colors & silhouettes, they know what works with their body and shown their personalities at the same time. Results? You can’t help but noticed a good way.


The classic double button blazer is always a must have. Let me repeat it again, A MUST HAVE ITEM IN YOUR CLOSET! This is a timeless piece you should invest your money on. Whatever your budget is, it needs to fit you perfectly! This is not a piece when you think you can get away with a size up or down, it’s not like buying  a  pair of pants where you can get away with wearing 32″ when you are 31″.  Weather your suits size is  38, 48, 52 or whatever it maybe, please get them in your size.  If the sleeves or hem is to long, go get  them altered. I will post more tips and styles of blazer you guys should have on my future post.


This military inspired look is very cool and self assured at the same time. It is also a very tricky outfits. It takes some sense of styles and experiences to pull off one of these ensembles. Some are born with great sense of styles and taste but for most or you who are not, please don’t sweat it. The more you pay attention and take notes, you’ll be able to do this stuff in no time.

So,Why is this outfit so tricky to wear?Well, just a wrong choice of shoes can send you way back in the Colonial era or joining some Civil war reunion rather quickly.

That pair of blue sneakers makes this outfit very hip and stylish.  The way he folded his collar inwards makes it looks less of a military, but more of a military inspired fashion forward instead.  You could find this kinda jacket in some vintage clothing store with little money. FYI, I could careless about the hat but this guy can pull it off. Confident makes a different how you wear your outfits and how you walk in them.

The key to wear any jackets or coats, it needs to fit you well. If you plan to get this one in particular, please pay attention to the fit and the hem line should not be more than 2″ pass your crotch level or else you would look like you have short legs. For you tall guys, this look would look great on you. For shorter or boxy shape guys, I would not recommend this exact jacket. If you want a double breasted winter coat, try the one with buttons that matches the fabric color or find the one with just zipper without button (flat front) instead.  Also, you can try wearing this outfits with a pair of red or black sneakers.


This is it guys, another ensembles that you need to own! This foolproof looks and works great weather you are 5’6″ tall or above 6′ tall. Perfect fit jeans with classic bomber jacket. The jacket you can not be a size larger , it does not look right but you can do a size smaller on this jacket if you cans till move in it and don’t forget a cool pair of shades. You will look great in it running errands on weekends, have coffee with friends, it also travels well.

( Tips: The blazer of the guy in the back ground should not be worn by anyone in this century, this is a perfect example why I stress out earlier you should invest in a good blazer &  how important fitting can make or break your overall look.)


When you layering your outfits correctly, it should look easy on the eyes, not heavy and stuffy. It should looks like you can easily move and function in them comfortably. Otherwise, both outfits and you just look awkward.

(Tips: When layering, it’s best to keep all layers plain and simple. If your outer jacket is made of textured knit or prints, keep your second layer such as cashmere vest or cardigan plain and dress shirt as simple as possible. If you choose to do colorful or printed cardigans, dress shirt or vest, the same “keep it plain and simple” rules apply to the rest of your outfit.)

If you choose to do this ensemble all in mono tone, then try it out and be playful with belt, shoes or scarfs (pick one not all of them) as a statement piece, show some personality like try using hot bold color scarfs, shoes or belt while keep your outfit in subtle muted colors. Let your personality shines through.

On your good skin day or good shaving day, I’d recommend you use a colorful scarfs to frame and show off  your handsome face and bring people’s attention to it. On the day that you don’t have time to shave, just put on a pair of strong color shoes or interesting belt and draw other’s attentions there instead.


Everyone in fashion world knows that T-shirt won’t hide any flaws you got on your body unless you got a decent body or good genetic to begin with. For guys who never set your foot in to something called ” GYM” and built your muscles to perfection, then T-shirt will never be your best friend. In the second pic, you can see why blazer is your friend and how it can works wonder while you are wearing your favorite t-shirt.


Always have these in your closets. If they are old, please replace with a new fresh one.

1) Blue shirts short and long sleeves (try having different pocket styles and fabrics)

2) Jeans that fits you/ Try on some new jeans, they come now in many styles and cuts. Finds out which one works for you.

3 Khakis pants and trousers.


This is a true timeless classic men’s casual look. The different are in small details such as prints of the shirts you choose to wear and how bright and bold colors of your fabric or accessories are.


With these ensembles, all you need is a cool pair of shoes, any of your favorite. Weather it’s Chukkas, moccasins, boat shoes, wingtips, bright sneakers or high-top , they will all go with this mix match ensembles.


To polish and complete these styles, always have clean hair and style it well, wear some great looking watch or accessories,  put on your cool pair of shades and you can walk down any street in Milan, New York,  or anywhere in the world  in style!


Last but not least, put some colors into your wardrobe collection. You want people to notice you? Just wear some color! Weather it would be your belts, handkerchief,  jackets, pants, socks or shirts, it will help you to stand out in the crowd. When I talk about colors, I do not mean that I want you to be seen or remembered as a guy in a pink suits!  I want you to think of it as a “conversation” piece,more subtle. It could be an ice breaking subject where people can use it to come up and talk to you.


Also, wearing some bright colors doesn’t mean you are less masculine in anyway. On contrary, you could even look are more masculine, brave self assured. We can all agree that majority of us guys like blue color, but we need to broaden out our colors spectrum a little bit..even blue color comes in many shades or tones.

There are some shades of blue colors that makes you look fresh, and confident like the one in the pic and there are some blue colors that makes you look like your are about to commit suicide. Ask yourself next time before you buy another navy blue shirt if you have enough of that shade already or not, what is really your other favorite colors? Go try some on when you see them at the stores.

Remember guys, in fashion there are no definite rules of do’s and don’t but knowing your own body and the basic principles of what does and does not works with your body types before you can go on building your wardrobe collections and make your own styles that fits your  lifestyles & personality.  

(pics by EFFIE KATS, Melodie Jeng for,onlinepace, fashion tag)

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